(G-EZTV) Airbus A320 powerful and blustery takeoff from London Southend and a clear skies landing in Barcelona El Prat. A flight video including the taxi, takeoff, approach and landing of EZY7383 on the 10/01/15. A very quick trip to Barcelona, departing at 7 in the morning with EasyJet on one of their Airbus A320’s and arriving back into London Gatwick with British Airways on a Boeing 737-400! Excellent service by EasyJet, the flight arrived on schedule and was holding 166+2 passengers. A great and powerful takeoff from the short runway at Southend with various altitude restrictions as heard by the constant changes in thrust after departure. Lovely sunset after breaking through the clouds and amazing scenery over the Pyrenees. Sorry for the horrible reflection of the sun on the sea on approach. My camcorder didn’t seem to adjust with it very well unfortunately. As for the landing well, it was looking good however at about 50ft, the F/O decided to bank left than right which caused the aircraft to touchdown left before right landing gear, although it did remain smooth. Overall, good flight and happy to get on Southend’s only based A320.
Airbus A320-214
Seat 3A
2x CFM56-5B4/P
Flight time- 1 hour 50 minutes
Departure time- 07:10AM
Arrival time- 10:00AM +1
Departure Runway- 24
Arrival Runway 25R
The return journey with British Airways on G-DOCF 737-400 will be available next week.
Thanks for watching ✈ ✈


  1. I used to get scared when the engine powered down after take off and got quiet, I thought it was failing. now I know it's just being adjusted by the pilot.

  2. When I went on a Volaris Airlines A319 back in winter break of 2014-2015, I thought that it had the CFM engines, but it had the IAE V2500's instead.

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