Buckle up onboard this EasyJet A320 as we start up, taxi and take off from Manchester’s 5L with a great view of the airport and fantastic sound coming from the engines!
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  1. i iam from indonesia. you know thats flight citilink is the first in indonesia use the plane of a320 neo and will fly prime 2017

  2. Cirious, you never indicated the destination! What was the destination from Manchester?

    Thanks! Have a pleasant flight! (BTW I have used Easyjet myself from Paris to Geneva, then from there to Gatwick a week later. I was harassed by the staff in Geneva terminal… and embarrassed, because my luggage was within one silly centimetre too large and they tried to charge me an extra CHF 30! I was rather quite loudly pissed, and they finally relented and did not charge me the CHF 30!! Otherwise the flight was nice).

  3. Hi! I'm still quite new to YouTube but I'm going on quite a few flights soon and would love to know where I can buy the suction pad from and which one works best, it's annoying having to hold your camera for so long so if you could help me out it would be great! Cheers

  4. Great Video as extra special, Manchester is my local airport (live near Huddersfield). Lovely clear view Many Thanks ✈️

  5. Hello… sorry to point this out… but isn't that runway 05L at Manchester… not 23L as said in the description. 🙂

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