Our new Cockpitfilm with Edelweiss Air in an Airbus A320 from Zurich to Fuerteventura. Enjoy the ride on the jumpseat or in the cabin of the plane. See how professional the crew is working.


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  1. Damnnnn………1000ft and you still can't see shit?……That takes brass balls…respect to the Pilots…….Bloody hell i was getting nervous just watching it…..

  2. very well done, great video.
    Like that you showed some briefing as well, what others tend to forget.
    Just a question, why does the FO have 2 stripes as opposed to the normal 3?

  3. Possibly one of the best aviation videos I've ever seen. The approach coming back through the fog was amazing!

  4. Wow, nice to see the Displays and Knobs of this plane I love to fly in Flight Sim in real life. Great Video!

  5. Awesome vid!! Great angles and picture! Enjoyed the "in flight " music even…but Id have preferred more dialogue between pilots and some radio stuuf….But brill!!!!

  6. I just adore a320 buzzing sound! I hope that one day I will hear it every day from the cockpit of that gorgeous bird! My personal favorite!

  7. Лететь туда-обратно, до обеда, а чемоданы у стюардесс, словно на зимовку в Антарктиду.

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