The Parisian judges want to know if the plane was perfectly equipped to take off.

Investigations are mounting on the crash of the EgyptAir MS 804 flight in May 2016, which killed sixty six persons, together with 15 French. According to our facts, the three Paris judges in cost of the investigation appointed new industry experts by purchase, dated 5 September 2017, to “draw up a report on the upkeep of the organization&#39s plane”. They are trying to assess irrespective of whether the Airbus A320, which took off from Roissy for its very last flight of the day to Cairo (Egypt), was “quite very good” to make this link immediately after a sequence of electrical alerts previously through the day through past rotations.

Skills in immediate relation with that made a decision in May, and revealed by our newspaper, on the investigation of “behavior” of the batteries of a cell phone and an Apple-branded tablet carried by the copilot in the cockpit. There, industry experts need to figure out irrespective of whether these products and solutions with lithium batteries and plugged into two sockets with various currents could have caused a thermal runaway and a fire in the cockpit.

Electrical alerts

French justice – which is investigating alongside the Egyptian authorities – intends to “test irrespective of whether the implementation of the least checklist of devices” has been carried out accurately when leaving Roissy. This checklist consists of inspecting plane instruments and purging documented incidents (computer and avionics devices) to make certain that they are in very good doing work purchase. A normal and obligatory course of action for all crews and professionals right before takeoff.

Judges want to know if “the plane was in a condition to carry out the planned flight”. Electrical alarms experienced been mentioned through the past take-offs, but they experienced experienced no implications. The magistrates also requested the industry experts to test “irrespective of whether the professionals at Roissy airport experienced the important skilled skills”. It is a dilemma of flattening the point out of upkeep of the Airbus of the Egyptian nationwide organization for lack of “sincere” cooperation with the Egyptian authorities.

On the fatal day, the plane experienced built a link between Eritrea and Egypt, right before returning to Tunisia and returning to the Egyptian money and then Paris. He took off at 11:09 with a new crew for this remaining flight. The Airbus A320 will plunge into the sea without the need of transmitting any distress sign …

The two main assumptions of the investigators

All the tracks were considered to demonstrate the decline of the plane, together with the terrorist observe which is no lengthier the desired speculation.

  • The attack with the bomb : a speculation supported from the outset by Egypt to exonerate the organization from any accountability in this scenario. The possibility in particular to dilemma the security of the airport of Roissy. But this observe has given that been swept by French investigators of the gendarmerie and these of the Bureau of Investigation and Assessment (BEA) of air mishaps. Contrary to what the Egyptian authorities asserted, no trace of explosives was discovered on the bodies of the victims. All these who approached this plane through the very last stop, professionals, bunkers, baggage handlers, cleansing brokers, were “screened”, that is to say that they were investigated by the investigators who were also intrigued in luggage. According to the formula the plane still left “virgin” of Paris for Cairo.
  • Batteries that overheat . At the time of his departure from Roissy, the GTA investigators uncovered that the co-pilot experienced placed an iPad tablet, an Apple iphone phone and bottles of perfume acquired on the dashboard cover in the stores of the airport. The phone and the tablet, geared up with lithium batteries, are at the moment under judicial investigation for the reason that their “thermal runaway” could have caused an explosion adopted by a fire. In fact, the very first alerts transmitted by the automatic upkeep technique regarded as Acars revealed that the very first scorching spots or irregular temperature elevations at the time of the decline of the plane arrived from the windows of the cockpit versus which these two products and solutions experienced been deposited. Two products and solutions plugged into improper electric power stores in the cockpit. That’s why a next pro to figure out irrespective of whether or not the electrical circuits of the equipment were in very good condition.

Jean-Marc Ducos

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