Just as promised, aviation training centre, Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania), brings to you the second series of the full flight videos! This time, we are flying in the Airbus A320 full flight simulator! Enjoy the video and stay tuned because there is more coming!

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  1. So awesome, I was a biased Boeing guy for the longest, but the Airbus, especially the A320, has definitely stolen my heart

  2. cmon say training sim in the title wow you're bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

  3. excuse me guys… am I missing something or the guys missed to start apu generator ? they said battery amperage is 0 which means they're full charged… from ground power I guess… coz on the same screen apu gen voltage is 0 which also mean they've managed to run all plane lights (including some in cabin) before any generator is operating… can u please explain this ?

  4. When switching the ADIRS you put one on then wait for ON BAT to extinguish, two on hen wait for ON BAT to extinguish, then switch on ADIRS number three and wait for ON BAT to be extinguished.

  5. I have a question for pros!
    How do you learn to help your peripheral vision?

    Also, when I drive my car at crossroads I always look twice at each side (I move 4 times my head)
    Is it wrong or can it help to get more details second time? Thanks

  6. Can we see a video on communication systems in an A320, like public address system, how to call crew, ground, switch to different frequencies and what where is the mic button in the Airbus etc

  7. when you switch on ADIRS to nav in the cockpit preparation ,The sequence should be 123 whereas in the video the pilot has done 132. Thank you for the video presentation
    kind regards
    A320 pilot

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