*Vueling Airlines, S.A. (styled as Vueling, VLG) is a Spanish low-cost airline based at El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona with hubs in Barcelona–El Prat Airport and Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy. Its name comes from the Spanish word Vuelo, which means flight. There are thirteen additional bases at A Coruña, Alicante, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Brussels, Florence, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Paris-Orly, Seville and Valencia. A fourteenth summer seasonal base is located at Ibiza.
Vueling serves over 100 destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe and is currently the second largest airline in Spain. In 2012, the airline carried nearly 14.8 million passengers (an increase of 20.1% from 2011), with a load factor of 77.7%.

*The A320 series has two variants, the A320-100 and A320-200. Only 21 A320-100s were produced;] these aircraft, the first to be manufactured, were only delivered to Air Inter (later acquired by Air France) and British Airways. Compared to the A320-100, the primary changes on A320-200 are wingtip fences and increased fuel capacity for increased range. Indian Airlines used its first 31 A320-200s with double-bogie main landing gear for airfields with poor runway condition which a single-bogie main gear could not manage. Typical range with 150 passengers for the A320-200 is about 3,300 nmi (6,150 km). It is powered by two CFMI CFM56-5s or IAE V2500s with thrust ratings between 113 to 120 kN (25,400 to 27,000 lbf). The lowest speed an A320 can fly is approximately 207 km/h.
A total of 3,363 of the A320 model have been delivered, with 2,942 remaining on order as of June 2013. The direct Boeing competitor is the 737-800.

*Brussels Airport (IATA: BRU, ICAO: EBBR) (also called Brussel Nationaal/Bruxelles-National/Brussel-Zav­entem (Brussels National)) is an international airport 6 NM (11 km; 6.9 mi) northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
In 2013, over 19 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 25th busiest airport in Europe. Currently, it is the world’s most noise-polluting airport in terms of the noise levels created and the number of people affected by take-off and landing operations. It is located partially in Zaventem, partially in the Diegem area of Machelen, and partially in Steenokkerzeel, in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people and serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines, Jetairfly and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium.


  1. If u know what kind of noise is in the plane from the plastics in the interior during the landing… Never saw thing like that in A320 series before! Vueling's planes are totally trash.

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