Home civil aircraft Airbus A320 Frontier Airlines established to return to Jackson in 2018 | Wyoming News

Frontier Airlines established to return to Jackson in 2018 | Wyoming News

Frontier Airlines established to return to Jackson in 2018 | Wyoming News | billingsgazette.com

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JACKSON Gap, Wyo. — Frontier Airlines is returning to Jackson Gap for the initially time due to the fact 2014, and is supplying flights to Denver for as reduced as $39.

Frontier spokesman Prosperous Oliver suggests for now the program is to only give summertime seasonal support. He suggests the airline will evaluate the performance and gauge the demand for the flights.

Frontier will be traveling Airbus A320 jets, which are substantially much larger than the regional jets and propeller-driven planes that the airline previously flew into Jackson Gap from 2008 to 2014.

Frontier’s arrival adds competitiveness to a person of Jackson’s largest connecting marketplaces, Denver.

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