Landing the A320 at Daytona Beach International Airport.
Aerosoft Airbus X:


  1. hola, eh preguntado esto en varios videos y nadie me responde, nesecito que alguien me diga donde puedo descargar el boeing 787 pero que la cabina sea la real del 787 no la del 737, agradeceré que alguien me responda.

    Hello, I asked this in several videos and no one answers me, I need someone to tell me where I can download the boeing 787 but the booth is the real one of the 787, not the one of the 737, I'll be grateful that someone will answer me.

  2. Rather poor landing, if you left click the speed dial on the mcp so that it looks like this: – – – *, it will automatically reduce speed to the vapp speed

  3. Can you tell me where did you download this plane? Because mine is just blurry from inside and the electronics doesn't work like that.

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