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– This is a REPLAY. The framerate is higher than the framerate during the actual flight!

-I won’t provide any settings or files. Most tweaks are easy to find on the internet and they should be applied carefully depending on each individual system.

This video was NOT color corrected in post production. All colors and effects are the result of the graphics addons listed below!
And YES, this is FSX (Original Version)!


PC Specs:
Intel i7-4790K 4.5Ghz
Windows 10

FSX Boxed SP2 (mainly used for videos until there is a working flight recorder for P3D)
Prepar3D V3.3 (since June 2016, private use for learning)



Scenery: all Orbx FTX products (excepcept Orbx Vector), Orbx Innsbruck, Austria Professional HD WEST + EAST, FlyTampa Vienna

Aircraft: Aerosoft Airbus A320

Sound: BlueSkyStar Studios Soundpack

Effects: FSFX PrecipitFX, A320 Family Immersion

Graphics: REX 4.0, REX Soft Clouds (Set02), DX10 Scenery Fixer, Envtex, Reshade

Weather: Active Sky 2016

Phyiscs: A2A AccuFeel v2

Views: Chase Plane Alpha

Ground Crew: GSX

Traffic: Ultimate Traffic Live


Crew: FS2CREW + Global Voice Pack

Tools: FSRecorder, Nvidia ShadowPlay, WorldCameraX (my own tool)

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

“Easy Roller” by Chill Study (licenced from PremiumBeat)
“New Atmosphere” by Martin Riopel (licenced from PremiumBeat)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X © Microsoft Corporation. This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.


  1. Excusez-moi, quelqu'un peut-il me dire comment on fait pour sélectionner la vitesse, le cap et l'atitude ( régler la vitesse…) sur le pack de l'a320 de aerosoft, je n'arrive pas à changer les valeurs, je n'arrive que à enclencher le le système mais pas à changé la valeur . MERCI DE ME REPONDRE

  2. Witzig. Auf dem runden Berg bei 5:24 war ich heute.
    Er heißt Patscherkofel. Rechts des Berges sieht man die Schipiste, auf der 1964 und 1976 die Olympiaabfahrt stattfand.

  3. Hello. I have done it before. But would like to be sure as how to do it again. If you notice from 18:06 TO 18:11. The engines are rotating by themselves. Do you know how you did that?

  4. Danke, das waren fast 20 sehr unterhaltsame Minuten! Du übertriffst dich mit deinen Videos immer mehr, legst die Latte immer höher!

  5. Ich würde gerne mal irgendwo lesen, was ehemalige Microsoft Entwickler sagen, wenn sie sehen, was draus geworden ist.
    Großartiges Video. Die Schnitte, die Musik, und natürlich die wahnsinns Scenery. Mach so weiter. Mich motiviert es, zu fliegen.

  6. Could you please tell me how you record your videos and end up with low file size? Because when I record my fsx a 50 minute record sizes upto 26gb :/.. Also i love the vlog style of your videos 🙂

  7. wow sehr nices video wie immer sehr gute Kamerafahrten und die Musik…
    alles im Allem immer ein sehr geiles video
    mach nur weiter so

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