The GermanWings recipe – "Reproduction is no longer available" (Interview with Christoph Hörstel)
Good evening, good audience. On March 24, Airbus A320 airplane airplane GermanWings aired in the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. All 150 passengers were drowned. Both public agencies and Lufthansa's government agreed on suicide bombing as soon as it concluded that sound was taken from the airplane. Despite numerous opposites, leading media have spread the news. News relocations are therefore primarily focused on the assistant flight controller who must have steered the aircraft consciously in the mountain slope.

According to the Swiss National Broadcasting Service (SRF) on another black box, also referred to as a flyer, has been found on April 2. Based on the data of these flight schedules, it should be noted that the flight assistant has consciously lowered the flight of the aircraft and increased its speed. According to SRF, this was the conclusion of the French Air Research Committee 'Bee'.

On the basis of these studies, SRF finds the following conclusion: quotation begins: "The puzzle parts of the study on the scrap align better and better", meaning the puzzle of the suicide theory. However, attention is drawn to the fact that the leading media are almost exclusively busy finding the puzzles that focus on the assistant pilot as the cause of the flight accident. But does it really matter with proficient journalism to do as the journalist's protocol demands? Here is a quotation from article 2:
"Skuli content in a word, image or graphics made public should investigate its truthfulness as far as possible and according to circumstances at any given time, avoiding the manifestation of all the distortions of truth."

In response to this question, we conclude here at the end of the interview with German journalist Christop Hörstel. Here is meant to be the plane of the GermanWings aircraft. From 1985 to 1999, Christop Hörstel was a reporter for the German television ARD, sending news from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kasmír during this period. It is safe to say that he knows his subject very well. In terms of journalism in the GermanWings accident, Hörstel sees a whole new situation that has come to our attention – a quotation begins: "Journalism is no longer so simple." He says that at best we can say, "They're all lying!"

Traditional media tend to investigate properly and present deliberately more confusing public contradictory stories. These paradoxes are left unjustified, and instead you combine something else, here the suicide theory. Hörstel mentions various examples of how the editors investigate deliberately inaccurate and bad. Much of which is both unexplained and contradictory was left unruly. For example, Hörstel mentions an emergency report received by the French Air Traffic Control from the GermanWings Airplane Control Room minutes before the loading. After that, inter alia, "" that no emergency call had been received. According to Hörstel, nobody researched this: "why did this first announcement come, why did the other announcement come and what's really right here?
Another example refers to Hörstel about three French navy men who were in the vicinity of the scene, but according to all sightwatches, only one machine is flying. Various attempts to explain it came on a flight, yet it is uninformed. Finally, people agreed on the suicide theory.

There are many other examples of news about the GermanWings case based solely on hypotheses. There is hardly any connection to fundamental questions and inconsistencies. Thus, we show in a broadcast of 30 Feb 2015 how the problem of air intake of air in the air traffic control room is a known phenomenon and could be the potential cause of the accident.

But Christoph Hörstels testimony of the end of journalism in the waters of a new dimension of irresponsible journalism, based on hypotheses, even stretches to being literally misleading. I wish you good evening.
Welcome to an interview with NuoViso. This is the second time this year I interview with the publisher and adviser to the government Christoph Hörstel, despite the fact that only three months have passed this year, our topics are still a lot more.
Let's start with the latest topic: The GermanWings Passenger Speed.
Is there any need to add the current media coverage, as it is assumed that the assistant pilot has committed suicide – or is this a matter of illumination after two days?

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