We were flying from Minneapolis to Spokane. This is my dads last trip on this aircraft. The First Officer is giving the tour. You guys can expect some 747-400 videos starting in the summer these might include cockpit tours and walkthroughs of the airplane!


  1. Good idea but next time you should use a better camera……the autofocus on this one is shitty…..sorry to tell you.

  2. Thanks, this is very interesting, however, it would be vastly improved if the video focus could be sharp. This is the case only from time to time, unfortunately, making it impossible, for example, to read what's written on or next to the instruments.

  3. Does anyone know what's the max temperature for the wheel brakes? At 2:29 we see 85°C for left wheel, and 155°C for right wheel (if I understand correctly). Is there any alert if they get too hot?

  4. I really dislike the whole layout to the cockpit. Especially where they put the yolk, in this case, putting it as a joystick on an arm rest. It really doesn't give you the good feeling of flying from the looks of it. In emergency situations you would only that that small joystick to work with, which looks pretty annoying as opposed to a full on Boeing like yolk that you can grasp and feel like you are ACTUALLY in control of the aircraft. The computerised screens look pretty old fashioned to, so small and apart from each other. Overall I really really REALLY dislike the whole layout to the cockpit.

  5. ok, all I need to know is where are the brakes, what are the gears and where's the steering wheel…..after that, we are ready to go.

  6. Funny she's talking about auto throttle, thus it's actually called auto thrust on Airbus. Airbus throttles never move automatically…

  7. I'm an aircraft maintenance engineer and I must say that this is one great yet simple explanation! Bravo for this video. 

    I have one regret, we didn't see the face of first office 😀 

  8. How much did she touch the screens! was painful for me to watch. Now I know who leaves all the grease marks on the screens and why its hard to see when sun shines across the flight deck. Don't do it kids. 

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