Landing at Munich


  1. Firstly, i heard 'f*cking checklist' instead of 'parking checklist'.
    I think because all my thouhts were about that divine woman.

  2. Glücklicher Captain, wenn er mit so einem ersten Offizier fliegen darf. 🙂 Da sind nicht nur die Brakes hot bei 6:00 … hihihi. 🙂 Und die alte Stimme finde ich irgendwie witzig, so robotisch. ^^

  3. Unable to copy last METAR given by controller due to his bad and rapid prononciation so why Captain asked back "Say again visibility". Forecasted tail wind 16 kt was a surprise for a standard landing security. Lucky at last tail wind became 4 then 2 kt. That was a kiss landing under VMC I think they utilize MINIMUM OPERATIONAL Cat I Cheers

  4. Is it a standard prositure to put the a/thr off when you fly manually or can you also use it until retard? I hope that's not a stupid question :/

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