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  1. Safety is the most important fact, I agree! But when are we going to fly in an airplane like this Airbus to Miami? And I always get a sit where I cannot hear when the movie is on!!!

  2. Esto es un Video fantastico – Como se llama la cancion en 7:32 – What is the name of the song on 7:32 on this Video – Please advise. – Thanks!

  3. Nice presentation!
    I´m proud to say that i had flown in Iberia, from Lisbon to – (Madrid) – to Santiago de Chile.
    Almout 14 hours of non stop flight in an A340-600. Great adventure.
    Gracias Iberia!

  4. Damn awesome!!!

    I can't wait to become an airline pilot for Norwegian and/or SAS and fly to souther'n countries like Spain!

    Thank you! Norway 😀

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