Hi guys… I’ve been silent for many months. There was an obvious reason: I’ve sold my old A320 sim by end of 2013
… but after a brainstorming phase I’ve restarted with a completly new private A320 higher level simulator project. Well, here are some first impressions… this time only photos.
However, I plan to do some more videos again in the near future. There is a long way to go 🙂

By the way: I do look for further contacts with knowledge in metal sheet design/the option of manufacturing metal sheets/bending and of course contacts to all who in interested in flight simulation or friends … just drop me a line.

Contact me: a320rob@gmx.de



  1. i love the the build, i too have a setup that is mostly friendly to the twin jet aircraft….. take a look and tell me what you think….

  2. Hey I am planning in building an a320 simulator. I tried to email you but it didn't let me, it said that there was an error. So I have decided to ask you in your channel, where did you get most of your interior components? Also if possible I would like, if you could help me in building mine by giving me tips and such. Thank you and enjoy your project.

  3. What's the initial problems (if any) when starting a home cockpit build? Is it mostly just finding suppliers and people to provide components, I know there are readily available components for 737 and A320 now a days but if someone was interesting in making a slightly less common cockpit, how would they go about doing so? I'm very interested in doing a home cockpit, and although I love the A320 very much, I've always had a nice interest in smaller domestic airliners such as the CRJ and Dash 8. Body work is fine as I can do that myself, but what about getting instruments, are there any companies or suppliers I could contact to get custom things?

  4. Hey! would you be able to send me a message with the maker of the shell and interior windows and stuff attached? that would be great if you could! thanks.

  5. We just might be witnesses to the worlds best A320 sim in the making.. I would appreciate it if you could PM me the name of the supplier of the shell interior and exterior 🙂

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