CNN’s Miguel Marquez explores the details of the type of Airbus plane now missing in Indonesia.


  1. Why are they making it like the A320 is not safe? All those were due to pilot error or something not related to the A320 itself. Also, the A320 is now the best selling plane in the world kicking 737's ass.

  2. 2nd to a 737? patriotism/ propaganda strikes again, what tosh. any pilot to earn a rating on both knows the 320 is superior. Simply because it is a design 20 years newer – regardless of airbus vs boeing arguments or bias.
    For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than an iPhone 3G…

  3. 1:42 Wow the A320 only had 16 crashes and 656 fatalities ??? The Boeing 737 has 158 crashes and 4,293 fatalities, so the Airbus A320 has 10 times lower crashes, and 6.5 times lower fatalities than Boeing 737

  4. Um, Air France flight 296 was pilot error only. The fly-by-wire system had nothing to do with it. You know you've got yourself a really bad news organisation when conspiracy theories are now quoted as fact.

  5. Americans should learn that other contries can make fine aircraft too and stop the silly and patriotic bashing of the rest of the world. For ages Boeing dominated almost as the single plane maker in the world. Millions of bucks earned. It's time for a little bit of generosity. Airbus us here to stay. By the way until flight MH370 is found and explained B777 design hasn't do anything with it, many media should stop especulate about other planes.

  6. OMG, its indonisia airasia, not airasia!!!!
    This is not a Malaysian plane crash!!!!!! The parent company is airasia, indonisia airasia is its subsidiarie
    This is a indonisian plane crash!!!

  7. The miracle on the Hudson is one of the most amazing airplane stories ever told. It really happened, you know. There's a carousel in New York City that overlooks the area where the plane landed in the Hudson River. If you were riding the carousel at that very moment, the plane would've been right there! I rode that carousel. I had a great time!

  8. I was expecting a tour of the inside of an Airbus from the title of the video. What the f*ck CNN. Disliked because you suck at news.

  9. Very poor usage of the word "inside", just as poor as everything else your "news" format delivered lately

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