Amazing airline flight simulator experience with Jet Simulation Ltd. This simulator is worth over £10-million and normally reserved to train airline pilots. Visit for more information.


  1. I think it would be easier having the old yoke on one of them Airbuses. The new stick at the side looks a little trickier to handle than the old one!

  2. For the price of these FMS's, it would seem to me that the scenery should be at least as good as FSX. That cloud at 1:00 looked like FS2000

  3. For Christ's Sakes……..are men able to watch a video with a woman in it without having to make a comment about how "hot" the woman is? I'm guessing 99.999999999% of us came to watch this vid, because WE WANT ONE OF THESE TOYS! Come out of your mother's basement @ClearedToLand…..there's all kinds of women out here willing to have sex….even with you!

  4. @MrThewowplayer I know that some people have home set-ups they use FSX with the acceleration pack or add mods :p then you can simulate jets. Or you just could fly without a set-up just a joystick or use your keyboard ( impossible ) xD

  5. Lol @ 1:35..Slam dunk/Tactical Approach..

    Never going to see a sim like this but I am lucky enough to fly the QPac A320-232 in X-Plane 9 better than these guys do in a full motion sim.

  6. @210482fmj i don't think anyone here is trying to "beat the real thing" but you cannot train everybody in a real 737… that's just stupid!

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