Here is today’s video of my experience on board JetBlue Airways!

The video was uploaded in 720p HD instead of 1080p HD because of its length.

The flight was JetBlue Airways Flight 927 (JBU927/B6927) from Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR/EWR) in New Jersey to Orlando McCoy International Airport (KMCO/MCO) in Florida.

The aircraft was N520JB, an Airbus A320-232 built in October 2001, and is approximately 13 years old.

I was sitting in seat 19F recording this video.

We took of on runway 4L at Newark, and landed on runway 18R at Orlando.


Information about JetBlue: JetBlue Airways is a lowcost airline that serves the United States and areas in the Carribean, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. They offer great service, and give many complimentary things – including 36 channels of live tv, snacks, beverages, music and other things. They also are known for having the best legroom of any airline in economy.

Seats: Jetblue does not have a first or business class section, but has a section of the aircraft called “Even More Space”. This is a seat that has 4 more inches of legroom than the regular economy seat. You can find out more about Even More Space seats on JetBlue’s website here:

The rest of the aircraft is economy seats.

The seat of the JetBlue A320 is not hard, it is soft and comfortable. It reclines nicely.

The seat configuration on JetBlue’s Airbus aircraft are 3-3.

Food/Beverage: In most airlines, you see that they use carts in the aisles to serve beverages and drinks. JetBlue does not do that, they use mid-size baskets holding snacks (name-brand chips, pretzels, popcorns and others), and carry the drinks (they do not pour it into the cup like Delta, they give you the ENTIRE can/bottle and a cup with it. You also get a napkin) Find more about JetBlue’s food and drink here:

Flight Attendants: The Flight Attendants on JetBlue 927 were very friendly, kind and nice. They always smile and seem to love their jobs! 🙂 They actually care about you. In all of my 5 flights flying JetBlue, I have never experienced anything bad with the flight attendants, as they are always caring and attentive.

Turbulence: We had a very smooth flight overall, except for a little bump here or there so turbulence was nothing to worry about on my flight.

Delays: We were delayed half an hour or so at Newark due to a computer problem with the aircraft. The maintenance crew were able to fix the issue quickly, and approximately 5 minutes after leaving the gate, we were departing the skies of New York.

In-Flight Entertainment: JetBlue offers complimentary 36 channels of DirectTV that is live, and SiriusXM music. You can find the list of free channels on JetBlue’s website, here:

Baggage Costs: On JetBlue, your first bag is always free – a big PLUS for me! The bag cannot exceed 62 inches in overall dimensions, and cannot exceed over 50 pounds (22.73 kilos).

You can also bring a carry-on bag and a personal item (e.g. purse, briefcase, laptop) for free. To check dimensions and weight information about the carry-on and personal item, check the JetBlue website here:

WiFi: JetBlue does not have wifi yet, but their first Wi-Fi equipped aircraft will be ready this season (Fall 2013).

Overall, JetBlue is an airline that you can NEVER go wrong with. With all the complimentary items and things you receive, you will be sure to love your experience on JetBlue!


Camera : Sony Handycam CX-230 and iPhone 4S
Tripod : None
Video Editor : Windows Live Movie Maker 2012
Airport : Newark Liberty International Airport ( KEWR / EWR ), Orlando McCoy International Airport (KMCO / MCO )
Seat: Seat 19F
Date : September 3rd 2013 9/3/2013
Registration : N520JB
Flight : JBU927/B6927
Origin : Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR / EWR)
Destination : Orlando International Airport (KMCO / MCO)
Aircraft Type : Airbus A320-232 (A320)
Delivery Date : 10-04-2001 (April 10 2001)
Flight Duration: 2hrs 14min 2:14
Departure Time: 1:17PM EDT
Arrival Time: 3:31PM EDT
Cruising Altitude: 38,000 feet
Speed: 453kts
Distance: 990sm
Flight Aware Information:


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  1. I flew on jetblue flying from SFO to fort Lauderdale and it was my first time flying on Airbus 320 with TV monitor behind the seat which was great and I was able to watch all sort of programs on every channel,the only thing I didn't like about the flight I had a kid crying the whole time behind my seat that part was my worse experience.

  2. I flew one time with JetBlue from SJU-MCO in a A320 they have great flight attendants and a good service of drinks and food in their planes! I also loved the pilots that were taking us to MCO, asked one of them if I could see the cockpit and they allowed me to enter and even seat in the co-pilot seat! Great flight experience! 

  3. So far, the sound is very dull and almost canny.   There's a metalic tinckling throughout the sound.   I really hope these get better.  I take it your YouTube name is verified, because your vids are over 15 minutes, but I wonder if there's any improvement in the sound coming up during the video.  Sorry, but there's room for improvement.  One good thing:  I love all the information you include about the flight and all the specifics about Jet Blue.  Thank you for posting.

  4. I really wish you would not have that annoying "music" playing during the video.  I would really love it if you could please let the airplane "play" by itself.   Please?   Please?  Please???

  5. I remember seeing the Jet Airways A333 when I was leaving for LAX! Great flight by the way! UA1199 EWR to LAX! JetBlue isn't bad, I flew them a few years back, 2007 I think. A320 as well.

  6. I loved the music at the end, and those kids were too cute!  Also, just a tidbit:  I hope the chewing gum was good, but please try to enjoy it with your mouth closed, so we don't hear it so much.  I also like to chew it to keep my ears from plugging up too much, so I know how helpful it is.  Thanks.  Cheers.

  7. I wonder if you could avoid the music and just use it at the very beginning of the video if you must?  I love flying, and I especially love to hear the sounds from the airplane.  Also, thank you so much for all that information, because I'm blind, and I haven't traveled in a long time.  I especially love the sound of startup, blasting and inflight safety information.  Thank you so much.

  8. Great video of your flight review! Very detailed descriptions of the airlines,etc. Well done! I always like to watch these flight reviews. I'll do some similar flight review when I fly also. I subbed, sub back? Cheers!

  9. wow great video mate love it thanks for sharing your window seat with us love the amazing clouds you did catch. love the view on the wing thanks for this great work

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