For today’s video, here is a full flight experience on board JetBlue Airways’ Airbus A320 from New York JFK to St. Lucia!

This flight was Jetblue Airways Flight 881 JBU881/B6881 with service from John F. Kennedy International Airport KJFK/JFK to Hewanorra International Airport (St. Lucia) TLPL/UVF.

The aircraft I flew was N561JB, an Airbus A320-232, which had it’s first flight 12 years ago on this exact date (January 7), making the aircraft 12 years old!

During the video, I was sitting in Seat 22A.

Information about JetBlue: JetBlue Airways is a lowcost airline that serves the United States and areas in the Carribean, including St. Lucia, St. Maarten,The Bahamas, Barbados, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. They offer great service, and give many complimentary things – including 36 channels of live tv, snacks, beverages, music, WiFi (that’s right, free wifi) and other things. They also are known for having the best legroom of any airline in economy.

Seats: Jetblue does not have a first or business class section on their Airbus A320, but has a section of the aircraft called “Even More Space”. This is a seat that has 4 more inches of legroom than the regular economy seat. You can find out more about Even More Space seats on JetBlue’s website here:

The rest of the aircraft is economy seats, which are perfectly comfortable.

The seat configuration on JetBlue’s Airbus aircraft are 3-3, just like all other narrow body Airbus’.

Food/Beverage: In most airlines, you see that they use carts in the aisles to serve beverages and drinks. JetBlue doesn’t do that, they use mid-size baskets holding snacks (name-brand chips, pretzels, popcorns and others), and carry the drinks (they do not pour it into the cup, they give you the ENTIRE can/bottle and a cup with it. You also get a napkin of course) Find more about JetBlue’s food and drink here:
Flight Attendants: The Flight Attendants on this JetBlue flight were very friendly, kind and nice. They always smile and seem to love their jobs! 🙂 They actually care about you. In all of my at least flights flying JetBlue, I have never experienced anything bad with the flight attendants, as they are always caring and attentive. I was also granted permission for a cockpit visit which you will see at the end.

Delays : Our departure time was 30 minutes late due to the traffic at JFK and some runway splits going on. Nothing the captain could do, but we still arrived a few minutes early!

In-Flight Entertainment: JetBlue offers complimentary 36 channels of DirectTV that is live, and SiriusXM music. You can find the list of free channels on JetBlue’s website, here:
The best part? Free Wifi is being installed on their aircraft! More than 65% of their Airbus A320’s have free wifi and ALL of the Airbus A321 fleet has wifi. The Embraer ERJ-190s are also having work done!

Baggage Costs: On JetBlue, your first bag is always free – a big PLUS for me! The bag cannot exceed 62 inches in overall dimensions, and cannot exceed over 50 pounds (22.73 kilos).

You can also bring a carry-on bag and a personal item (e.g. purse, briefcase, laptop) for free. To check dimensions and weight information about the carry-on and personal item, check the JetBlue website here:

Overall, JetBlue is an airline that you can NEVER go wrong with. With all the complimentary items and things you receive, you will be sure to love your experience on JetBlue!
Aircraft Information
Airline : JetBlue Airways JBU/B6
Aircraft : Airbus A320-232 A32-
Flight : JBU881/B6881
Airport : John F. Kennedy International Airport KJFK/JFK
Hewanorra International Airport TLPL/UVF
Runway : Runway 22R and 10
Origin : John F. Kennedy International Airport KJFK/JFK
Destination : Hewanorra International Airport TLPL/UVF
Registration : N561JB
Flight Aware :
Date of Filming : November 25, 2014
Camera(s) : Canon Powershot SX-40HS
Video Editor : CyberLink PowerDirector Version 12
Seat : 22A
Cruising Altitude : 35,000 feet
Speed : 456kts
Distance : 2,058 sm
Flight Duration : 3 hours 58 minutes
Departure Time : 9:05AM EST
Arrival Time : 1:03PM EST
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  1. Awesome video! Flying to UVF out of JFK in November and I'm really excited. First time flying out of Kennedy too haha. You can listen to air traffic control now I heard on the IFE's so I'm going to try that. You were the one that made the Aerosoft A320/21 checklist right? I use it all the time

  2. When you make contact with New York Departure what does that mean? Somebody please let me know and enjoy your Labor Day Monday!

  3. @CathayA340, thanks for posting this long video of your flight.
    I really enjoyed it. Carrying the camera with your hand must have been exhausting.
    The information you gave were very informative.
    One thing you have to add is that JetBlue is flying to Port-au-Prince from New York JFK with an A321 and from FLL with an A320.
    I am taking the direct flight to Haiti in a bout a week or so. The information you provided were very helpful. I usually fly with AA, now, I decided to try JetBlue.
    Thanks again for posting and be blessed.

  4. I'm flying to Jamaica on JetBlue this Sunday and it's my first time flying on this airline. How is it ? Is it very good , good or average ?

  5. i have flown jetblue before, it was a pleasant experience although one flight attendant was a little rude but i would recommend this airline

  6. Never have flown jet blue.. I have only flown the American Airlines company (AA and American Eagle).. The only other plane I've flown on is TACA and that was once..

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