Date: January 22 2013
Aircraft: Airbus A320

Flying from Buenos Aires Ezeiza to Santiago de Chile Arturo Merino Benitez straight across the Andes. This was supposed to be my first flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, however due to the 787 grounding the equipment was switched to Airbus A320 just 3 days before the scheduled flight – bad luck, fantastic scenery nevertheless.


  1. por que aplaudió la gente? no le tenían confianza al piloto? o tuvieron una emergencia durante el vuelo? o así se acostumbra en Chile?

  2. …wow, crisp and spectacular footage.  I assume that plane flew at least 35,000 ASL to avoid the fierce turbulence of the Andes range, and not descending until well past their western flanks, followed by relatively steep descent to Santiago.  A good roundout and landing at end.

  3. there was a leg of what seems an insect of some sort and cockroach poop in my soup this airline has the worst service ever, will never flight with them again 

  4. Lan is probably by far the best airline all around america in domestic, regional and international flights! the service is awesome..cheers!

  5. Avianca is also very good. They only have Airbus for their South American flights. I love South Americans clapping at the end of even the shortest flight. I bet the crew loves it.

  6. When I crossed Los Andes from Buenos Aires to Santiago the turbulence was so annoying, the plane didn't just shake, it moved a lot. Great vid!

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