Landing in Mérida Yucatán on lane 36, Interjet Airbus A320


  1. Hola! Muy bueno tus videos! Cómo hiciste para que te dejen filmar? O esperaste a que desapareciera toda la tripulación del avión, para poner la GoPro??? Contame!

  2. Buenos dias senor Castillo, reciba un cordial saludo desde Belgica-Bruselas en Europa, queria agradecerle por compartir estos videos hemos descubierto Mexico gracias a ud, que tenga un lindo dia.

  3. Wrong. The flaps have to be set at that config when the temperature outside is above 20+ or 40 deg…. It's what happenes in Dubai most of the time…on Airbus planes… 😀

  4. Flaps are normally set to their up position after clearing the active runway. Maybe there was a maintenance check at the gate requiring the flaps to be in the take-off position for the engineer.

  5. There is no need for flaps after landing and after taking off. Flaps help the airplane to keep flying with low speed so it's very important to apply the flaps during landing, otherwise the airplane might touch the ground with a speed over 260MPH, and it's very likely to apply flaps during take off as well so the airplane can take off with slow speed. Hope I helped.

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