London Luton Airport Plane Spotting Wizzair Airbus A320 Sharklets Wizz Air Hungary Planes is my newest planespotting video to feature the smart livery of Hungarian Low Cost Airline Wizz Air.

The video shows up close landing and takeoff sequences of Wizz Airbus A320’s in both the new livery and the previous livery, some of the aircraft are fitted with Sharklet wing tips.

There is an Airbus A321 in shown taxiing as well.

I hope you enjoy watching my video of Wizz at Luton and in 4K Ultra HD. Thanks for taking time to watch, comment and share. I appreciate your comments.

Main aircraft featured up close
HA-LWD – Wizzair Airbus A320 – Pink nose
HA-LWZ – Wizzair Airbus A320 – with sharklets
HA-LYI – Wizzair Airbus A320 – with sharklets
HA-LWK – Wizzair Airbus A320


  1. I was on a Whizz air flight recently, flying from Bucharest. I was asked when I boarded if I would like to sit in a row with more leg room, but there would be an extra cost of 15 Euro. No problem I said and moved to my new seat. I was told that I would pay during the flight at a convenient time. After take off, a Romanian guy looked up and jumped into the row next to me. I thought to myself if he knew that there would be an extra cost? 10 minutes later the air stewardess approached me for payment. I told her "Charge him first and then I will pay too" She was pissed off with me. I refused to pay until she had spoken to the other guy first. So she goes up to him and explains that he must pay 15 Euros. He refused and she said " I don't really mind you staying here but that English man over there won't pay unless you move back to your original seat!" He gets up and gives me abuse and moves back to his seat and continued to give me nasty looks. What the fuck is wrong with these fucking people????

  2. Amazing video, I absolutely love watching your videos I have subbed to you (a while ago)! I love Wizz Air, so I enjoyed this video specially a lot. The replacement radome on HA-LWD was a bit strange, but anyway. Amazing video, loved it!

  3. That first Wizz Air had a really HARD landing tho', by the way nice catch on those! Love the new Wizz Air livery, simple but very fresh..

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