Full length, BHX) on 5 February 2015. * Every minute of the flight included from gate to gate *

The Airbus A320 D-AIUJ via the rear seats. Once on board we are welcomed onboard, and advised of a delay to our departure. 15 minutes later, we can not wait to get back to our hotel. The pilot once again arrives at the end of the race. Soon afterwards we'll get up and take off, getting a great view of Frankfurt's terminal as we climb away from the runway.

Once airborne, it's a turn to the left and we'll start to make up time. We climb straight to 38,000ft, flying towards Cologne, making a left turn towards the north of Brussels directly over Antwerp, crossing the coast near to Ostend and getting a great view of the shipping traffic in the Straits of Dover. We make landfall directly across Southend on Sea, commencing our descent heading towards Luton, Milton Keynes, and finally a series of sweeping turns over to Leamington Spa and Coventry A flight time of just 1h10m.

Video taken from seat 21A.

Airline: Lufthansa
Flight: LH954
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (Sharklets) D-AIUJ
From: Frankfurt Main (FRA)
To: Birmingham (BHX)
Departure: 12:53
Arrival: 13:03
Flight Time: 01:10
Seat: 21A
Flight Path:

Full flight video from a gateway to the board Lufthansa Airbus A320 (Sharklets) D-AIUJ, Operation Flight LH954 from Frankfurt-Main (FRA) to Birmingham (BHX) on February 5, 2015 * every minute of flight from gate to gate included *

The video begins by taking a bus ride to a remote booth at the Frankfurter, getting a great view of airplanes at the booth along the way where we are in an almost new Airbus A320 D-AIUJ over the backstop. Once on board we are greeted on board and advised by a delay until our departure. 15 minutes later, we push back from stand and start our long runway taxi to 07L below our place in a long queue for the departure. The pilot comes up again to advise us the number 6 in the queue, which is limited by side wind to the use of only one runway in Frankfurt. Soon after, however, we enter and take off, get a great view of the Frankfurt terminal and get off the runway.

Once in the air, it is a turn to the left and we soon begin to catch up with time. We climb directly to 38,000ft, fly towards Cologne, a link to the north of Brussels directly over Antwerp flies, cross the coast near Ostend and always have a great view of the shipping traffic in the Strait of Dover. We make landfall right over Southend on Sea, starting our descent towards the northwest towards Luton, Milton Keynes, and finally a series of turns over Leamington Spa and Coventry, putting us on the right track for a punctual landing in Birmingham on the runway 33 After a flight time of only 1h10m.

Video from the seat 21A.

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GoPro Hero 3

As shown in Fig
Equipment used:

Camera: GoPro Hero4 Silver
Mount: Generic suction mount
Swivel Mount:
Boya Frame Case for GoPro:
Battery: Anchor E7 25600mAh
MicroSD cards: Sandisk 128GB


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  1. Very nice video ! thank you so much for posting this, These videos take me to a world of peaceful travel and happiness !!

  2. Hello I know you will very Beautiful to sky Clouds and sun great. That will try want to make to new schedule your GoPro Hero Video record: From FrankFurt, to USA To Houston TX and Boeing 747-400 for your Seat 40A window video Normal window by the Wing Done. Try want to new 13 Hours .

  3. @inflight Video Ich liebe deine Videos! Ein Traum für jeden Flugbegeisterten. Die RWY, von der ihr gestartet seid, ist überings die 07 C 😉 Wenn du lust hast mal über den Frankfurter Flughafen zu fliegen (Cessna, Piper, o.ä.) sag gerne bescheid.. 😉

  4. this flight goes right past my house! wanna visit frankfurt for a spotting trip and the price of this isnt bad. just gotta leave school and get a job first 😉 great video

  5. I just wonder if the GoPro has a microphone attachment to make the sound "surround-sound"?  That's my main conplaint about the sound, because the GoPro is not known for good sound.  Panisonic and Sony make some really nice sounding cameras, and if you put headphones on, you'll really notice the difference.  Someone told me you could buy a microphone attachment for the GoPro, but I've never heard that with the GoPro.  Thanks.

  6. Okay, no yawning allowed!  Was that you at 1:40.50 aprox?  Just kidding.  I know when you yawn you've either had a good flight or you're wiped out.  Great video.  The sound was so-so, but I think that's just because of where you were sitting.  I'm just so glad you are still flying.  I wondered why there hadn't been any videos in a couple months.

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