Aerospace³ [1.5:1 Scale Realistic Aviation]

In this video I’ll showcase the Airbus A320. Included is a completely accurate exterior including air speed indicators, altimeters, antennas, navigational lights, and engines. The interior is fully realized and includes cockpit, front and rear galleys, and passenger cabin accurate to the airlines included.

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Resource Pack: Soartex_Fanver (Modified)


  1. You should do a Southwest version 😉

    I mean, you already have most of the mainstream commercial airline companies.

    Great job with these man! Earned yourself a sub and a like 🙂

  2. Hi ZBLDS, i know you worked with persia for a while but if you truly want to see some accurate 1.5.1 planes come check out an old friend of persia, Great Havilland, you might have forgotten about us but we definitely have improved in the ways of our planes and we would be delighted to show you them 😀

  3. ZBLDS, when will the next aviation video be posted. This comment was posted on April 2nd, 3 or 4 months after you made the A320 video. When will the next video be posted? Also can you do an Airbus A340, my dad flies one.

  4. ZBLDS, when will you continue your airport series? I'm also somewhat disappointed that you moved to the Hestia server for making planes. I'm still interested in 2:1 scale planes, and I hope you can put some on download.

  5. ZBLDS you probably won't get back to me but will there be a titanic inspectors season 2 if so can you let me know ASAP

  6. Your channel created inspirations since the first aircraft video you made, I started all the way from you since 2013! Awesome aircraft!

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