Dear friends and followers, today´s video will be about two strange and mysterious objects you most certainly have seen on your last flight with an Airbus A320.
We´ll talk about a small little triangle which you can within the cabin, indicating the wings leading edge and trailing edge, but why is that important? The main reason for the triangle is, to help the pilot or a flight attendant find the leading/trailing edge quicker in case there is a problem with the flaps or slats. Especially during night it will make it easier to find the window to look out of. But see more about that in the video.
The second mysterious object I´ll be talking about is the little yellow hook installed on the Airbus wing. I´ve heard many funny rumours about the hook and it´s purpose. It´s all about the Airbus escape ropes in case of an emergency. See for yourself as I try to explain these two strange objects on the Airbus 🙂

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  1. Yeah that's what I thought of the question why is that thing there when I was a kid
    I thought it was for mcdonalds

  2. Why is it said "in the unlikely event of a landing on water" when running through the safety procedures before take off? It makes me think a plane can't land on water it just crashes hence the saying "unlikely event"

  3. Hi there, I just want to knows why one part of the flaps (in the midle) goes up end down without control all the time during the flight? All the time when I fly looking this out side and find strange, is it normaly?

  4. How do they polish the lead edges of wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizer leading polish surface in regular service

  5. I thought it was a safety clip for maintainers to connect their harness – I used to conn Ct to something similar on a 727 empennage when I worked on A/C years ago.

  6. Hi, after landing pilot pull the two levers for thrust reverse. How is then the thrust amount regulated? Did you explained it in the past if yes where? And if not please your answer and if possible also a short demonstration Thanks

  7. Captain Joe: To be nitpicky, your answer for the triangle isn't technically in the Airbus FCOM (although perhaps individual companies may have added it). As of 2010, the only place you find a reference to the triangle from Airbus is the maintenance manual. There, it states the purpose of the triangle is for a maintenance technician to view the rigging for deployment adjustment on the flaps/slats. Although from a technique standpoint you are correct, that's not the manuals actual answer – it's more aviation "lore".

  8. The real question is, what are those mysterious objects under the wings that make a lot of noise and have this strange O shaped thingy rotating inside of them?

  9. Very interesting! I always thought that hook was for maintenance purposes so they can lift the wings with cranes.

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