***NEW Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 FSX*** (October 2014)

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Music by NoCopyrightSounds

(Tobu & Syndec -Dusk)
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First, I want to thank everyone who takes the time to watch my videos on YouTube I do appreciate all the views and comments and likes.,
don’t forget to look at my pc specs at the bottom many thanks,
Game & Info:

Game: Flight Simulator X:

Plane: Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321

Paint: (Wizz Air A320 Sharklet)
(American Airlines A321)
(Cyprus Airways A320)

Scenery: Skiathos X (Aerosoft)/29palms
St Maarten (Flytampa)

Weather: REX 4 + Active Sky Next – Full

Traffic: -.ICE Traffic 5.0

Ftx (Orbix) Global

ENB Series (enb_24hr_v1_1)


PC Specs:

Core i7 4770K OC @ 4.3Ghz | Corsair H80i | Gigabyte Z87 | 16GB Ram (Corsair Vengeance) @ 1600Mhz OC 1TB HDD | Nvidia GTX 660ti 2GB Graphics Card| Corsair 850watt | Power Supply
© Cedarjet201.

FSX Video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.



  1. okay so question idc if you guys think its dumb but im actually lost. Whats the difference between this and the Airbus X Extended released earlier in 2012?

  2. Does this aircraft come with the FSX GPS function? You know for navigation; cause I'm too lazy to learn how to operate the FMC. If someone could answer thank you.

  3. How we can see the cars and peoples in the beach while landing at the airport, any special add_on please tell which add on it was?

  4. Does aerosoft airbus A320 family has an integrated weather radar? I use active sky next ..so does it automatically use the weather set by active sky next and display it in weather radar if its there?

  5. Great video. Pls tell me how you make these external views at the beginning of the video. I use ezdock but when i try to make external cam views, ezdock ovetwrite my internal views. It will not generate external views.

  6. i hate Aerosoft making the updates and converting it into a new product just to make money! we already spent 40 bucks and I know im not spending another 30$ for a updated weather radar we should have gotten for free! other than that nice video man!

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