Trailer MUC – SPC

With the (at that time) chief pilots of Condor Thomas Lindner and his co-pilot Patricia Gross it is one of the most spectacular airport in Europe – La Palma. The westernmost of the Canary Islands is presented in the bonus – professionally presented by Patricia, which is also changed at the landing in Munich also the runway at the last moment.
Exciting and relaxing moments at the production 2010.


  1. Fantastic views of the Flat Horizon…..on the Flat and Motionless Earth.
    Watch- '200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball ' …. by Eric Dubay.

  2. Anyone knows the name of the song that is like a saxo and also the first song?? i really need those names thanks 🙂

  3. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! That was not a touch down that was a kind of IMPACT!

    The poor poor airplane.

    The note: 5 minus with respect to the parents!

  4. Oh dear friends ……. who was responsible for this kind of "Touch Down"?

    We say that was not green, that was not yellow but this was just before RED!!!!!

  5. @airberlinistanbul1 Grüß,antwort bekommste von mir immer ;D
    Das ist von Film zu Film mit der Landung anders,aber irgenwie siehste die Landung immer, nur in welcher Perspektive, ist immer unterschiedlich. Ich selber habe schon zwei Filme gesehen, das kann mann echt empfelen!!

    LG Kevin

  6. @ 2:32 they added in the 757…but the plane that they are flying is A320. It's actually from another video and the capt. of this vid. didn't make the hard landing

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