I had the opportunity to ride jumpseat in an Airbus A320 full-motion simulator and observe two different private pilots attempt to land at the Orlando Int’l Airport (KMCO). I had my camera ready to record a possible landing gear collapse, but both pilots performed surprisingly well considering their lack of experience/training. This was recorded at the JetBlue University simulator center in Orlando, FL. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I have never flown anything and once I was in a 737-800 static simulator and I took off, flown and landed 3 times without any problem. Also, the last landing was on the old Hong Kong airport, but the sim didn't have any nav data for it, so we totally messed up the approach, and arrived way too high and off center, still no problem. I could say that I'm this pro, but I gotta admit, it was the aircraft. That glass cockpit and fly by wire makes it damn easy.

  2. I want to try this out without any knowledge of how any of the equipment works and just see how hard I fuck it up

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