Hey, here you can find the links:


Airbus A330:

Boeing 777:

Boeing 767 :

Revell A320 Air Berlin:

Revell A320 Lufthansa:

Revell Boeing 787:

Boeing 747-8:


Camera: iPhone 6



  1. There is an Etihad version of this model. I chose that one over Lufthansa because it’s the new etihad livery. I’m fairly new to modeling so any tips?

  2. Hi what is the name of the material green that you use to fill the line of union of the fuselage ? Please if is possible in German the name then I could order it thanks

  3. awesome job mate! one question tho, what's the green stuff that you used to close the gaps between the two halves? what's it called?

  4. only thing i dont really like about revell or any plane kit is that the gear dont roll, idk why, but im obsessed with aircraft that roll around, IDK why.

  5. nice job… how did you tint the front cockpit windscreen? as it looks dark. did you paint the plastic cockpit windscreen?

  6. Kannst du vielleicht mal ein Tutorial zum altern mit verdünnten Farben machen? Hab das ganze auch mal versucht, allerdings hat das nicht so gut geklappt xD

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