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Hello there! Welcome to this video! Since many of you have asked me to record a few more Fly PH flights, here it is! Also, credits to Kelvin98 who gave this amazing plane kit out during the Christmas season! Without this, we wouldn’t had have realistic flights! This video was recorded on June 13th 2015!

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I hope you enjoy this video! Give a thumbs up if you want me to upload more! Thanks for watching!

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▼ Game info
Fly PH is owned by JuliusPGKC.
The airport used in this video is Toronto Pearson Airport by JuliusPGKC.

▼ Music Credits (By Artist)
➜ Young Ones (feat. Jeremy Fowler)
➜ Tobu – Life, Infectious, Good Times
➜ OLWIK – Villain (feat Tyler Fiore)
➜ Mendum – Stay With ME
➜ Lensko – Cetus
➜ Disfigure – Blank, Summer Tune
➜ Codeko – Crest
➜ Audioscribe – Free Fall
➜ Hoodie Allen ft. Kina Grannis – Make it Home
➜ Warptech – Last Summer
➜ Diviners – Tropic Love
➜ Itro – Panda
➜ K-391 – Everybody
➜ Kasger – Highland
➜ Lasrm – Lovers
➜ Laszlo – Imaginary Friends

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