July 2012, Moscow Region. S7 Invest company.
Full Flight Simulator Airbus A320 by Thales Company.

In August 2012, the S7Training Aviation Training Center commissioned two new Airbus A320 simulators.
Integrated flight simulator (FFS) is the latest development of Thales company – the generation of Reality 7. It is equipped with the most modern computer system, mobility and visualization system. The integrated flight simulator is installed in the new building of the training center. It became the fifth FFS simulator in S7 Training and the second Airbus A320 simulator. It is a section of the passenger compartment and the exterior of the fuselage and completely reproduces the design and appearance of the cabin, including passenger seats and flight attendants' chairs, dressing rooms, side kitchens, doors and emergency exits. The salon is equipped with an internal communication system, an alarm system, as well as a system for simulating fire, generating and distributing smoke.

The process of assembly, commissioning and launch, we captured with enormous pleasure!

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