The aeronautical group presented a initially motor of the open rotor kind on test bench. But it also develops a extra classic alternative for 2025.

When his new most effective-seller, the Leap motor, has just entered services beneath the wings of the Airbus A320 Neo, Safran
is by now very well on the way to the motor of the potential: the a person that will equip the successors of the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 by 2030.

To reveal this, the aeronautical group unveiled this Tuesday in Istres its “open rotor”: a new kind of motor with revolutionary architecture, capable of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 15%, in contrast to present engines with the most effective functionality. And for a degree of noise at minimum equal, thanks to the progress built on the aerodynamics of carbon-fiber propellers.

Uncertainty remains

A daring wager on the potential , which has by now expense two hundred million euros (including 65 million European cash), knowing that, as Philippe Petitcolin acknowledges the technological selections of the engines of the potential are far from to be made the decision. “No architecture is privileged at this stage”, stresses the boss of Safran.

Many choices on the table

The open rotor, with its uncased counterrotating propellers, is not not the only keep track of followed by motor companies. People Standard Electric and Pratt & Whitney, who designed the initially open rotors in the eighties, and Rolls Royce, turned to extra classic motor types, this sort of as UHRB (ultra significant bypass ratio) , but extra conveniently exploitable in the medium time period and which would not require to review the style and design of the airplanes.

Overview aircraft style and design

If the open rotor remains at this point, “The only technologies obtainable these days, attaining a 15% reduction in fuel”, according to Safran&#39s R & T director, Stéphane Cueille, it also has its cons. Due to the fact of the dimensions of its propellers, which are 4 meters in diameter on the Safran demonstrator, and the lack of fairing, open-rotor engines could not be set up beneath the wings but at the rear of the aircraft, which would oblige aircraft companies to rethink the shape of airplanes.

The absence of a fairing, supposedly guarded travellers in the party of a breach of a blade, also needs a modification of European and American polices. Eventually, the changeover from the present stage of demonstrator to that of a real prototype will acquire a number of extra years.

The Rate of Petroleum

Saffron: The selling price of petroleum is the same as the selling price of the oil. did not set all his eggs in the same basket. When continuing to depend on the open rotor, the motor manufacturer is establishing a UHBR motor capable of offering involving 5% and 10% reduction in fuel consumption in contrast to the Leap, which could be operational by 2025. A horizon that also corresponds to that of Airbus and Boeing.

“A single of the variables will be the selling price of oil, points out Philippe Petitcolin. If it remains at $ fifty a barrel, it is not specified that a breaking motor is necessary. But if the selling price of a barrel rises to one hundred or one hundred fifty bucks, I&#39m positive there will be curiosity. “

Bruno Trévidic

(in Istres)


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