Takeoff from Bandung on board a SilkAir Airbus A320 on a cloudy noon en route to Singapore as MI193. Bandung WICC is an interesting airport. It’s small but does get the job done. The airport is limited by its small space, relatively short runway, and approach patterns that are prone for disruptions. The delicate approach patterns involve aircrafts arriving to flyover the runway before circling around to make a straight-in landing on RWY29. While this is happening, runway are usually cleared. To add to the hassle, as shown here shown in the video, there are no taxiway for jets connecting to the start of the runway and hence, all departing aircraft must backtrack the runway before taking off, adding minutes to the precious flight times. Nonetheless, departure and arrivals in this airport is always a fun one due to its scenic terrains surrounding the city.

Date: 7 January 2018
Airline: SilkAir
Equipment: Airbus A320
Reg.: 9V-SLO

0:07 Lineup
0:56 Takeoff Roll
1:37 Rotate and Climb

*Apologies for the background noise

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