What is spectacular about it:

Croatia Airlines Airbus A320-214 9A-CTJ is landing & taking off in Bern-Belp (Belpmoos). The runway is with 1730 metres pretty short for such a big aircraft! An A320 is a premiere and a top highlight for the Airport Bern-Belp. Members of several national ski teams were on board of this airplane. They were traveling between the last (Croatia / Zagreb) and the next ski race (Switzerland / Adelboden).

Enjoy this special and rare A320 in Bern-Belp and the awesome engine sound!

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  1. A319s operate routinely at Santos Dumont (SDU/SBRJ) domestic airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the runway is only 1323 metres long and the approach and take-off are considerably more difficult than in Bern. (So do Boeing 737-700s and even -800s with the Short Field Performance kit.) An A320 needs more runway length than an A319, but not much more, and those 400 extra metres at BRN are certainly more than enough to make up for that, even considering the altitude difference. A320s (and even cargo 767s!) also routinely operate in Vitória (VIX/SBVT), which has about the same runway length as BRN (albeit at sea level). It certainly takes a skilled pilot to operate an A320 on a runway that short, but it's feasible.

  2. Hallo Matthias,

    machst wirklich sehr sehr schöne Videos. Mittlerweile ist Bern-Belp mein Lieblingsplatz zum Spotten geworden. Grüsse von der Waterkant aus Kiel.

  3. I did not like the landing, that looked like rough. Lan airlines has me used to these soft, calming landings they do…

  4. Wie die Triebwerke halt so mega aufheulen wenn der pilot Leistung aufs Triebwerk gibt. Einfach nur geil. Tolles Video

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