I hope you enjoyed this SUCCESSFUL flight from Travis Air Force Base-KSFO! Twitter-@Karebu219


  1. Everyone, I realize my landing wasn't good, so no need to keep saying that my landing wasn't good, I have been practicing, so thank you for reading this.

  2. I recommend setting up the autopilot before you takeoff, preferably at the gate or when you are holding short of the runway. The landing was dangerous, worse than RyanAir. VR is at 10 degrees, you probably pulled 3Gs on that takeoff at 20 degrees.

  3. By the way, the flaps should really be set at 2 during takeoff in order to generate enough lift for the aircraft to takeoff at V1 speed.

  4. Hi, YES you had been too high on approach, and YES too fast. But the fact you said that it is not allowed to go over 250 knots under 10,000 feet and the fact that you turned off reverse trust at 60 knots impressed me. WAS A GOOD VIDEO!!!:-) sorry about bad english, i'm german

  5. Wow. So many nose divers in this game!! It's a good sim though. If it had live and a bigger range of aircrafts it would tie infinite flight… I have them both. Just my opinion.

  6. That wasn't such a good landing… 10 degree flare, you started gliding/slowly ascending… This was overall an okay flight, not successful.
    Good video tho.

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