Airbus A320, Boeing B737 and Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100, The 3 more usual commercial jets in the world.
A close view to these aircrafts at VLC (Spain)
A320 – approx45 mEUR, B737-8 – 45-50 mUSD, SSJ-100 approx. – 20-25 mUSD (Yaroslav Zhukovsky)

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  1. Speed, price, set pasenger capacity , engines power , flyhg time , from country, larger ,bad comparison. Tienes que poner velocidad,precio,potencia de motor, capacidad de pasajero, autonomia, pais de origen ,longitud mala comparasion conosco de memoria el 737 800y el 320.

  2. You can compare a SSJ to a Embarer 175 or 190, but not a 737 or a320. Not even close! Just look at the engine size diffrence!

  3. No,no,no,no…You can't comparing the SSJ100 whith a320 or 737,cause it's regional jet.You can comparing this aircraft with regional and buisnes jets(CRJ700 etc.)

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