This is the maiden flight video of the Supreme Hobbies, Airbus A320. This bird need flaps sooooo bad! They will be on the plane ASAP!

Flight starts at 4:25

P.S. I flew the plane stock, with Lemon-RX 7 channel receiver with stabilization. I had flaperons setup. While they were not totally in-effectual, they were not enough of a drag impact. I used my 3S 2200mAh 45C Turnigy batteries. After a 3.5 min flight time, they were not puffed (much), and weren’t overly hot. I could squeeze some more time out of them, if I was more confident I could hear the alarm. I might need to borrow some telemetry just to find out how long I can fly this speed demon.

I got the plane at Hong Kong to Iowa in 4.5 days – AMAZING!!!

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