Flying with yet again another new airline for me. TAP Portugal, of whom sports quite a colourful livery on their aircraft. The first note I make of the airline is their so called ‘no photo policy’ on their aircraft. As soon as I boarded the aircraft, they told me no photos or video and to put my camera away. From there onwards it was like playing hide and seek between my camera and the cabin crew. Fortunately I managed to film all the main stages of the flight without them noticing anymore. Most of the time they were in the Galley and didn’t pay much attention. It is a strange policy, not one that I have come across before on any flights. Not sure why TAP has this one exactly.

Anyhow, asides from that it was a nice experience, not my favourite airline to experience though. I did think the cabin crew’s uniform looked a bit too smart. Red, black, and notably black gloves. The complimentary snacks service was alright. Not as I had seen on other videos though. I got a small box thing with a fruit juice thing, and a roll, of which wasn’t very tasty. Then on top of that a complimentary drink, I went for water as I didn’t fancy anything else. Not much else to say in review of the airline, legroom was a little bit limited. Personally I think I should of went for a right sided seat as it was slightly uncomfortable to film from.

Anyhow, a nice flight, departure from Gatwick straight into clouds, and pretty much like that until we reach the channel, where a nice view of some of the Channel islands is visible, before heading over Britanny in France and down south over the Bay of Biscay and northern Spain/Portugal. I do again apologise, I was on the wrong side of the plane for landing, especially during this time of day. The sun was too bright, and you can’t see a great deal until after touch down. However the descent towards Lisbon was fine, with some nice views north of the city, and while banking onto final approach.

On my way back home I decided to try another new airline, Iberia. My opinion on them is much different to that of TAP, much preferred Iberia! Stay tuned for those flight videos coming soon

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Aircraft type: Airbus A320-214
Flight number: TP341
Aircraft registration: CS-TNH
Seat number: 16A
Engines: 2x CFM56-5B’s
Age of Aircraft: March 1999 (18.3 years)
Configuration: CY162
Scheduled time departure: 16:25 (BST)
Approx time of departure: 16:42 (BST)
Scheduled landing: 19:05 (WEST)
Approx Arrival time: 19:05 (WEST)
Departure runway: RW08R
Arrival runway: RW03
Cruising altitude: FL370 & FL390
Date of flight: 08-05-17


  1. Thank-you for taking us on the trip with you!  I learned a lot from your flight about TAP and think that I will not put that airline as a first choice when I start traveling again.  However, you are right; TAP’s livery is very pretty.  My best guess for TAP not allowing passengers to video might come from the videos passengers took of United Airlines removing that passenger from its Chicago flight last month.  At least according to the US’s FAA, there are no rules against taking videos, and they let airlines set their own policies for it.  Unfortunately, when your plane was turning on final, the sun’s glare did not allow me to see things closer to the ground.  But, when you first arrived in the Lisbon area, it looked like all the houses and buildings were exclusively colored white, and that appeared a bit different to me.  Perhaps your flight home will allow me to see things a bit better, before you gain too much altitude.  I did finally discover the reason for aircraft having that little yellow tab with the holes in it on the wing.  I guess the next time I fly, I’ll look at the emergency procedures card better.  Thank-you again for the video.  As always, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Next, I’m headed to check out your Lisbon airport plane spotting, which will take me a few days to watch it all.

  2. Yes my thoughts as well Casey shame cameras and camcorders don't have a flight mode we have to respect the cabin crew if asked to turn off I guess I tend to ask passengers next to me if there ok me filming as they could inform the cabin crew as well

  3. Hi I'm flying on this route in 2 weeks and have flown tap before but never from Gatwick just wondering what the bag drop queue was like and that if the gate was a long walk from the terminal. I've also heard about this no camera rule is it that strict ? Anyway great video

  4. I have been asked to turn off my camera on an Easyjet as we taxied out from Luton do airlines class video camera's as electronic devices? great video as always Casey

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