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New FS2004 version! – Mediafire
The FS2004 version will sound for the most part, the same only for the fact that there are no exterior 3D sound cones. The interior sounds will be pretty much the same.

All done! What do you think?

My old FS2004 A320 CFM56 sound pack:

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  1. If there are three cfg files for each, how do we install it then? If you put all 3 in and rename them sound.cfg, sound.cfg(2), and sound.cfg(3) they don't work. If you put them all into one and combine them, they still don't work. How do we install this properly since the instructions imply that there is only supposed to be one sound.cfg file?

  2. please help !! *****I W A N T   Y  O  U  R   H  E  L  P  !!!!!! ******
    i copied the sound file to plane i wanted…..
    results: NO SOUND !!!! 
    please help and REPLY. 
    THANK YOU !!!!

  3. Here is a sound clip of what it sounds like in my sim with the BBS Airbus, seriously, you've outdone yourself, these are the best sounds for A32X series ever in Flight simulator, TSS has got nothing on you!: 

  4. Excellent work! Were you able to record most of the interior cabin sounds during a ferry flight? Overnight maintenance or light PAX load flight? Cabin is so quiet. 

  5. Halp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Its NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 0:44 what's that sound coming from the plane? When I was travelling by either AirAsia or Tiger Airways, I always hear that sound before when preparing for taxiing

  7. Hi Adam, You sound sets are fantastic. I have sent to you a email one week ago, because I am working on a A320 project with a FMS which manage verticale and horizontale navigation. So, I would like to know if you are Ok to participate to my project with your sound set. Please contact me at this adress : fdd_fr at

  8. Hi Adam, Thank you,for great job. If you develop in future for Aerosft airbus extended mode so  i am the first one to buy this product. Please if you have time can you take a look for Aerosoft Airbus Extended vers? CFM and IAE Engine.

  9. Hey man, great video!, bui i need help please, please!!, read my comment D: , i need help, i installed the sounds but is not the same like your sounds, please help me.

  10. How did you make the sound come to the wing views as well? For me, it only works in the cockpit and top-down modes? 

  11. How do I install it? I read the readme but don't get the last part with the config. Which file I am supposed to put in the Sound folder?

  12. I need help installing these into my aircraft. Ive been trying for the past 4 hours doing that sound.cfg you mentioned and I don't have any luck.

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