Breathe it in. Can you odor it? That “new plane odor”? Not all airlines have it. In reality, despite the plane buying boom of the earlier handful of a long time, some airlines continue to run fleets so outdated, you can almost flavor the mildew.

Other airlines operate fleets so new that the paint may not even be dry but on the exterior, nor have the downsized seats experienced time to pop any springs. What follows is a speedy rundown of the prime ten key U.S. airlines — who has the shiniest new jets, and who’s continue to limping alongside on ancient airframes.

A prop plane skywriting

Content birthday, pricey airline. How outdated are you now? Image resource: Getty Pictures.

We commence at the bottom, with …

An Allegiant airplane on the ground.

Image resource: Allegiant.

Allegiant Air — typical fleet age: 19.eight a long time

In accordance to Airfleets.web, Allegiant Air (NASDAQ:ALGT) operates the oldest plane fleet of any key U.S. airline. Allegiant’s fleet is so outdated that its most various airplanes are McDonnell Douglas MD-80s and -90s, which ceased output seventeen a long time in the past. Allegiant also operates a pair of Boeing 757s (out of output considering the fact that 2004) and about 5 fairly more youthful dozen Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

A Delta airplane in flight.

Image resource: Delta. 

Delta Air Traces — typical fleet age: seventeen. a long time

Allegiant’s fleet even would make Delta‘s (NYSE:DAL) look young by comparison — which is a neat trick, offered that Delta truly flies 4 instances as several historic MD-80s and -90s as Allegiant does. Delta’s 747s are even older, averaging 25.nine a long time throughout a outstanding seven of these outdated birds. Delta’s youngest jets involve 19 Airbus A321s, acquired, on typical, a lot less than a 12 months in the past. Your best guess at boarding a newish plane, nevertheless, is by reserving aboard one of Delta’s a hundred and sixty nine-12 months-outdated Boeing 737 Up coming Gens.

A United airplane on the ground.

Image resource: United.

United Airways — typical fleet age: fourteen.three years 

United Continental Holdings‘ (NYSE:UAL) United Airways was the initially of the significant “legacy” airlines to commence deployment of Boeing’s novel 787 Dreamliner. It now flies 32 of these widebodies — the most recent airplanes in its fleet, at an typical age of just two.five a long time. The airline’s future youngest plane product is the Boeing 737 Up coming Gen — ten.four a long time outdated on typical. United flies 340 737s — by considerably its most various plane product.

A Southwest airplane taking off.

Image resource: Southwest.

Southwest Airways — typical fleet age: eleven.eight years 

As opposed to the airlines reviewed so considerably, Southwest Airways (NYSE:LUV) flies completely Boeing airplanes. In reality, Southwest flies just one product of Boeing plane — the 737. These planes arrive in both “typical” classic (737-300s, -400s, and -500s, aged 22 a long time on typical) or “future generation” designs (737-600s, -700s, -800s, and -900s). Flying just one type of plane created by one single producer assists to continue to keep Southwest’s pilot and mechanic coaching expenses reduced and cuts down on maintenance expenses.

This is one rationale Southwest Airways offers one of the best gross profit margins in the air small business — 37.four%, according to facts from S&P International Market place Intelligence — despite running a fleet which is genuinely only center of the pack, in conditions of age.

American Airways — typical fleet age: ten.eight a long time

Most likely astonishingly for a “legacy” provider, American Airlines Group‘s (NASDAQ:AAL) typical plane age is a comprehensive 12 months more youthful than Southwest’s. Supporting American convey its typical plane age down have been the airline’s post-bankruptcy purchases of new Boeing 787 airliners (25 of them) and Airbus A321s (which now selection 208 — between the most various planes in American’s fleet).

A more dubious honor that American “offers” is that it ties Delta for running the most varied fleet of aircraft — eleven designs in all. This provides American terrific flexibility in matching the “right” dimension plane to the right route, but it probably doesn’t do American’s maintenance expenses any favors.

A Hawaiian airplane, flying above the clouds.

Image resource: Hawaiian. 

Hawaiian Airlines — typical fleet age: ten.eight years 

With only 51 planes in its fleet, Hawaiian Airways (NASDAQ:HA) is the smallest of the “key” U.S. airlines on this checklist. Its fleet splits practically evenly between older Boeing 717s and 767s (fifteen a long time-additionally), and more recent Airbus A330s (aged four.two a long time on typical).

A JetBlue airplane on the ground.

Image resource: JetBlue.

JetBlue Airways — typical fleet age: nine.two years 

Established by a previous Southwest exec, JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU) famously imitated Southwest’s reduced-charge airline small business product — but not one hundred%. Whereas Southwest flies an all-Boeing fleet, and all of one product, JetBlue is mainly an Airbus A320 store. It also flies a fleet of forty one more recent Airbus A321s (aged 1.eight a long time), and 5 dozen lesser Embraer 190 and 195 aircraft as properly.

An Alaska airplane on the runway.

Image resource: Alaska Airways. 

Alaska Airlines — typical fleet age: eight.nine years 

Alaska Airways (NYSE:ALK) — like Southwest an all-Boeing 737 store — is a genuinely appealing story. In conditions of age, Alaska’s eight.nine-12 months-outdated fleet is between the most recent in the sector, and it can be having even more youthful as time goes by.

Final 12 months, Alaska bid $four billion to purchase rival Virgin The us. And Virgin America’s fleet, consisting solely of Airbus A320-spouse and children aircraft, is even more youthful than Alaska’s — seven.four a long time. The moment it can be absolutely absorbed into Alaska Air in 2019, the typical age of Alaska’s fleet will fall even even further. If calculated nowadays, the two fleets’ ages would typical out to eight.five a long time for each plane.

A Frontier airplane on the ground.

Image resource: Frontier Airways. 

Frontier Airways — typical fleet age: seven.three years 

Alaska Airways continue to would not be as youthful as Frontier Airways, nevertheless. Like Virgin The us, Frontier flies an all-Airbus fleet. Like Virgin The us, it can be a young one at just seven.three a long time for each plane on typical. Unlike every other airline on this checklist, Frontier is not a publicly traded corporation, but privately held.

Spirit Airways — typical fleet age: six.six a long time

Final and the very least (in conditions of age) will come Spirit Airways (NASDAQ:Help you save). Like Frontier’s, all Spirit Airways airplanes are Airbuses — A319s, A320s, and A321s. And as of nowadays, Spirit Airways holds the honor of running the youngest airplanes in the region.

But before you go buying tickets on Spirit (or Frontier) based mostly only on the newness of their planes, here is a enjoyment reality for you: As of the most current Airline High quality Ranking report, Spirit Airways no lengthier ranks lifeless final for excellent of company in The us. That “honor” has fallen to Frontier Airways, owner of the industry’s next most recent fleet — which just goes to exhibit you that more recent is not constantly superior.

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