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Airline: Aegean Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: SX-DNA
Seat: 21A
From: Thessaloniki Macedonia
To: Athens Eleftherios Venizelos
Date: June 2017

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  1. Im flying from Thessaloniki to Athens, do i have to purchase my seat like some other airlines or can i simply choose without cost? also this is confusing, if i purchase with Aegian which terminal do i go through, OLYMPIC OR AEGIAN

  2. Aegan: we give snacks in one hour flights so we are the best!!! Turkish airlines:we give meals on one hour flights. That's normal, right?

  3. Interesting point about the design of the airport – Heraklion airport on Crete is very similar in it's design, so I wonder if it's an obscure contractor that does all the airports in Greece.

  4. SimplyAviation are you also planning on flying to Norway with Norwegian Airlines, and maybe a Norwegian Airline Wilderøe which has All different types of Dash 8 planes like the Q100, Q200, Q300 and Q400.

  5. The scariest thing happened to me on the 27th.

    We were on a flight with my family from Madrid. Everything was normal. We started taking off and suddenly the pilot braked twice as hard as he would on a normal landing. We drove off the runway and came to a stop. A minute later firefighters came. Everyone including me was scared, but then the pilot said that there was an error with the autopilot, and then he said that we have to wait till the breaks cool down and that it will not take more than 15 minutes. Ok, we sat there for 15 minutes and then he said that we have to return to the gate because the breaks are cooling down, but it's happening too slow. So we returned to the gate. (followed by three firefighter cars)
    Then the brakes cooled off and we had to refuel.
    We arrived at our destination three hours later!

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