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Airline: Austrian Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: OE-LBL
Seat: 7F
From: Vienna Schwechat
To: Frankfurt Rhein Main
Date: September 11th, 2015

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  1. The food is really awesome, i was able to try it this week. 15€ is very, VERY ok for that meal. I'm going to order that again (also the warm breakfast).

  2. 15 Euros is cheap for a meal like this. I think SWISS charge like 50 Swiss Francs for a fancy meal which is outrageous. Aer Lingus about 20 Euros. Meal looks great. Except no cheese.

  3. IHi i would like to know what your favourite Airline is and what the Noise is At 5:30 . Because i Hear it Every flight and dont know what it does . I actually also took a Special Menu very often With austrian and have to say that the food you ordered is the best

  4. I wonder what that person sitting next to you was thinking. "Perhaps if I could just pretend to fall and take a bite from his food…"

  5. +Simply Aviation When he landed the plane as smooth as a feather, I think you should've said Thumbs Up. Thumbs Up is Good, while Heads up means attention, Sill love yr trip reports!, always go on every Friday to check the latest vids:D

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