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Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: G-EUYC
Seat: 20F
From: Vienna Schwechat
To: London Heathrow
Date: March 2017

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  1. no IFE or free food on an British airways A320? Turkish airlines have IFE in an A321 sharklets and free food is served! I don't like the new British A320.

  2. How come you got left at heathrow terminal 3 insted of where Ba usually operate all there flights Heathrow t5 i mean ba are the only airline in heathrow T5

  3. Considering that on an Italian High Speed Train a coffee costs about € 1.50-2 and on Swiss Trains it is about € 4.00 the BA price is correct.

  4. Sandwiches and drinks are actually very cheap. 2,6GBP is undustry standard price for a hot drink. The selection os snacks looks fav. I love Percy Pigs and everyone does you have to try them and you won't regret it. The menu looks very nice but of course I liked them much more when refreshements were complimentary because who doesnt like a "free" glass of wine. On the other hand the food was tiny. On 2h flight you got mini bun and mini roll. If you were starving there was no other option to choose from and that was it…

  5. In the United States (where I reside) any of our airliners serve free drinks and snack items on domestic flights (that's basically to any U.S. state). I'm flying British Airways from LHR to EDI this December on an airbus A319 so thanks for showing me what the airline is like. Never flew with BA before.

  6. That's an embarrassingly low load factor. And they want more seats in Y? Why? To have even more empty seats. There is no benefit to flying BA these days

  7. Felix M and S which are known in the UK for being really expensive now supply British Airways but I can tell you that their food will be very posh. British Airways does still operate flights from Terminal 3 but when they plan to destroy it in 2019 they will move all flights to Terminal 5. And so Terminal 2 will be expanded to include the areas of the previous 1,2 and 3. Terminal 4 will remain the same as well as Terminal 5 and there will most likely be a new runway too. Also a new Terminal 6. A brand new better looking Heathrow

  8. Hey hey, sorry for being late,i had some computer issues for about 2 weeks, however i'm back now.. The new cabin look is fresh looking..very good stuff

  9. the little gnome from Dublin has wrecked his worst on the airline. I think its a deep seated revenge for the potato famine. Crew working on different salaries, on-board catering reduced to nothing, a myriad of cost saving quality ruining measures

  10. I have mixed feelings about this new cabin like the seats look cosy but the legroom is smaller and M&S food is nice but generally expensive kinda confusing tbh

  11. Very nice vid!
    I will fly from Vienna (via Düsseldorf) to Punta Cana on 2.6.17 .. i will try to produce a similar tripreport.

    Looking forward to your next vids!
    Greetings from Schleinbach!

  12. It's not that bad considering the prices are the pretty much the same in the M&S shop, and it is really good food (better than most aeroplane food) but M&S is known for being a more expensive shop anyways

  13. How y'all gonna do tripreports if y'alls havent got a flight till summer, ik felix got a new flgght but how will you crank out reports if you dont have flights? i will be really dissapointd if we don't see one. I hope yalls got footage from flights so I can see em 🙂

  14. Durch Zufall euren Kanal gefunden, da ich in naher Zukunft nach 10 Jahren Pause wieder öfter fliegen muss und mir mal ein bisschen die heutigen Standards ansehen wollte. Eine Frage hätte ich: Welche Airline serviert auf Langstrecke derzeit eurer Meinung nach das beste Essen bzw. hat die beste Auswahl?

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