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Airline: FlyNiki
Airplane: Airbus A320
Registartion: OE-LEE
From: Vienna Schwechat
To: Hanover Langenhagen
Seat: 6F
Date: June 13th, 2015


  1. Wow im really impressed of NIKI very worth It that flight! Btw my mom is from vienna but im very bad to speak It :/ mom is trying to learn me then!

  2. Ooo! It is still in the old livery! I love the old livery! It is very unique and will always be a classic. The new livery is too bland.

  3. You are my favourite aviation youtuber! You make great videos and i really apreciate your work!! Continue like that, because you will win lots of things from this!

  4. Thank you for a wonderful trip report. What a great flight and a fantastic breakfast! Fly Niki seem a really good choice of airline!

  5. +AustrianA330 Loved this video! How did you pull off that trick in the beginning? I mean, you scan your bp, go to the FID and you zoom in directly on the correct flight? That's magic lol! Interesting to learn about the naming of the Niki planes, I didn't know. Brekkie looked excellent and good value indeed. Tnx, TFS

  6. Super Video. Es würde auch cool sein wen du ein Trip Report machst mit dem neuen 747-8. Aber sonnst sind deine Videos sehr schön.

  7. Excellent review, you will be happy to know I took the survey. Delicious breakfast, along with the view of the UPS 747! 🙂

  8. Looks a great flight experience. It's amazing how a so called Low Cost airline can propose better inflight product, than a legacy carrier..

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