Turkish Airlines | Airbus A320 | TXL-IST | Economy, Featuring:

– Menu
– Pushback
– Startup
– Taxi
– Takeoff
– Climb
– Meal Service
– Cruise
– Cabin View
– Descent
– Approach
– Landing
– Taxi
– Shutdown

April 2014


  1. The quality and presentation of the inflight meals seems to impress and amaze on every single Turkish Airlines flight that I see on YouTube, even on the short haul flights.

  2. I've noticed that Istanbul uses coaches for airside transfer as well as the regular Cobus 3000 etc. I wish someone could upload a video of an actual coach ride on the airport apron because I've never seen one. By the way good video looked like a boring cobus 3000 that you were on though but still a great plane video.

  3. This year I had pleasure traveling with Turkish Airways. Turkish Airlines uses stainless steel like knife, fork and spoon which is cool where as other airlines using plastic spoon,knife and fork. Also Turkish Airlines serves great food hats off to the caterer "Do&Co, their lemonade hint with mint is excellent. No wonder why they are the best in business.

  4. Great video I loved it. Just a bit of constructive critism, if you could tell us about how u felt with everything like a report that would be awesome and more inside the better. But besides that I loved it and keep up the videos 🙂

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