My tutorial, showing how to set up the FMC and take off with the Airbus evolution n.1 from Wilco which is so far the most realistic FSX airplane 🙂 !

I went really fast so hit pause between the steps


  1. Hi, I really like your video, so cool. i am using Wilco Airbus vol 1 and vol 2. But i can't drive my plane, when i taxi everything working, but when i take off, about 100 ft i can't turn left or turn right, only up or down, please help me. Thanks

  2. Hello, I wanted to ask something
    do you why activate brakes to Max if you were on takeoff? not be if it is by procedure.

    also wanted to contribute something, if in take-off must never be activated pilot Automatic (I understand) past the initial height and are emerging to cruising level.

    PS I loved the tutorial, you have a good day.

  3. i'm using this for fs9, but im having problems banking, i can turn on the ground, but once i lift off and try to bank, it wont, how do i bank, can someone please help me… ive been reading through the manuals, but i cant find how to bank. please let me know how, if you could email me step by step.. my email address is

  4. this is a very bad video, if anyone dare say that here, i command to slap him 25 times. there is no better word to express my joy. lol

  5. OK ! the MCDU is used mostly for the IFR approach, but it is used also for speeds etc, let me get the flytampa scenery and have some time and i'll do the tutorial !

  6. Yes, what I had in mind were proceedings like flaps etc as well as steps on the MCDU and engine shutdown eventually. However, an entire approach example tutorial would be very enlightening.
    I usually fly on LGAV but any airport approach would be as fine.
    Thanks again for all your help so far!

  7. well, by before touchdown you mean below 10 000 feet or the entire approach ? because before touchdown there are only some proceedings like flaps, spoilers, lights etc whereas complete approach requires lots of approach charts and landing charts which is more complex, tell me what you want i'll see what i can do ! (If you want a special airport too, tell me)

  8. After a few trials I've managed to implement your advise which is so straightforward compared to other videos I have watched. It would be very helpful if you could do something similar for the procedures before touch down. All the best!

  9. Hi ! Are you sure there are no F-PLAN discontinuities left in yout flight plan ? Also make sure you have not a HOLD pattern. If it doesn't work, fly directly to the next waypoint using the DIR function on FMC. Or send me a link of a picture of your FMC/ND when there is the problem.

  10. Hi!, Why mi airplane Go every time unexplicable to the left and stay making turns in the air -.- and the flight plan still being the same one, this ocur about if i am reaching my Cruize altitude Help me Please 🙁

  11. Oui moi ça va super aussi, je vol toujours pour AFRV mais depuis que j'ai plus d'ordi j'ai demandé à ce que mon compte soit désactivé en attendant le nouvel ordi ! -4 ça c'est du landing !!! Ca va à LYS ?

  12. Salut ! Enfin une vidéo !! Je n'aime pas spécialement le 320 de wilco mais il est déjà un peu plus réaliste que airbus X 🙂

  13. Pour les vidéos EZdok c'est le must, mais je ne m'en sert jamais pour piloter ! Pour le panel oui mais pour aller voir le MCDU ou l'overhead ça prends trois plombes ^^

  14. Et oui maintenant qu'il comprend les SID/STAR il devient bien réaliste ! Pourtant je reste sur le Wilco pour deux raisons : d'abord les contrôles n'ont toujours pas été améliorées c'est une misère pour atterrir parfaitement 😛 Et aussi je n'arrive pas à accrocher au panel 3D, trop long de regarder l'overhead ou de programmer le FMC en vol car on ne voit plus ce qu'il se passe ailleurs : j'attends ces deux modifications et je change 😀 !

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