Circa 1993, this video explains all the features of the Airbus A320, which was at that time the newest member of the United fleet. Enjoy!


  1. Have some field trip to Korean airline and their out standing service spirit!
    my trip was wonderful until right before gets the turn of United Air F grade line.
    flight got canceled , no explanation, direction, care ,
    I sow families with infant children's sleeping on the bare floor no blanket or what soever
    I had to run up and down to find out what is next… seriously flight cancelation isn't the first thing happens to their airline , there should be some manual of guidance about how to assist customer.
    cold, abrupt, mean no customer service, should be out of business!!!

  2. If I recall United was the first airline to get the Airbus 320 series in the USA. This must have been revolutionary when it entered service at United, and each of these are still in service today amid several renovations.

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