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I thought I should upload a review for October before my power and internet go out here. Storm coming for Seattle!! I am uploading this instead of the second Lufthansa review, which is taking longer to edit that anticipated. I’ll work on that when the internet/power goes out 🙂 Look for it in about a week.
Anyhow, this was the flight:

UA419 departing Seattle 8:10 arriving 16:10 in Washington

Anyhow, this is the first flight I took on my journey to Africa this summer, on United’s A320 with the older seats. It was a pleasant flight, though I am a bit disappointed that only about half of United’s A319/A320s have power, especially since I was to board an A340 that I wouldn’t leave for 17 hours. I thought the food was good, and liked that it was in two courses. I did notice that none of the options were gluten free, and wonder how that works for someone who is allergic, because as far as I am aware, no special meals are available on this flight. The flight attendant was good for a United flight. I do wish they offered headphones as all I had were some crap ones from AA, and I think that if they are going to offer streaming entertainment it wouldn’t kill them to offer cheap earbuds. Anyhow, overall it was a pleasant flight.
The music is Blue Bird by av.i

Here is the link for the video to Johannesburg:

And if you are wondering if your flight will have the new interior, this website can be very helpful:

Thanks for watching!


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