This is footage of a US airways Airbus A320 departing from Philadelphia to Denver. I wish I would have had a wider lens to cover more of the engine, and wings. I hope you enjoy the video and please remember to rate, comment, and subscribe if you would like to see more videos similar to this one.


  1. Who ever watches this needs to cry in a bad way because this is a good engine sound ggeegegegegg not funny

  2. I flew on a Swissair A320 from Zurich to Copenhagen and on Lufthansa from Stockholm, Sweden to Munich. They are great planes!

  3. Airbus with IAE engines anyday with an A320.  On the A321 however, the CFM56 engines sound better, but both are awesome engines on the A320.

  4. its a V2500. CFM56 has creamish white acoustic liners inside the inlet cowl. Also, the pylon attachment is a bit more aft exposing more on top of a CFM56.

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