My friend Austin and I depart the Jacksonville Int’l Airport (KJAX) on an Airbus A320 shared-cockpit flight as JetBlue Airways flight 1015, service to Ft. Lauderdale (KFLL). Austin handles the radios in the right seat as I take the controls in the left seat. Recorded in FSX on the VATSIM network with ATC included. PART 2 of this flight will be coming soon. Video time stamps & flight information below!

01:08 – Pre-start Checklist
02:49 – IFR Clearance
04:48 – Pushback & Engine Start
07:37 – Taxi Clearance
09:07 – Takeoff Roll
10:50 – Climb Checklist
14:20 – Close-up of Weird Pilots
15:14 – Top of Climb (FL380)

Callsign: JBU1015 (JetBlue 1015)
Aircraft: A320/G (Project Airbus)
*Connected to VATSIM via Squawkbox. Recorded using XSplit.*

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Music by J+1. Check him out!

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  1. hey, can somebody please tell me how to put routes into the gps? for example ( NEWEL J60 IOW J10 OBH KOHOE3 )i really need to know on how to put it into the gps and fly those routes

  2. Casual watcher (finally got around to subscribing) are you an air force veteran? My older brother was a veteran of the Gulf War flying the AC-130. If you did serve I want to thank you for your service 🙂

  3. It's essentially a "no cruise" profile. Somehow, if you work through all the numbers, it saves fuel in the long run, depending on weather, wind, weight, traffic, etc. I don't know the math, but it isn't uncommon. Ideally you aim for the optimal altitude to cruise at, and do an idle descent on the other side. However it all actually factors out, you save fuel vs jumping up to 270 and cruising for 30 minutes or whatever.

  4. Hey could you possibly do a shared cockpit tutorial me and my friend were having some problems with getting it to work

  5. I've been trying to get into VATSIM, mostly now just connecting to busy airports to listen to the tower/pilots. Unfortunately I can hardly understand anyone and it's really frustrating. Makes me want to drop the whole thing altogether.

  6. Can someone tell me how he opens the panels so that they are in the corner. Like the overhead panel in the top right and the gps in the bottom right. Thanks

  7. Thanks for flying out of KJAX. Nice Video! Oh btw I haven't been flying because I got a new PC and FSX SE doesn't work

  8. Hello there Airforceproud95! Um im just wondering why you have the default. I mean it's really good but. Nah fuck it play with the default if you want. I like the Aerosoft Airbus myself. But hey everyone is diffirent

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