Véronique Caron is the new sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Alençon.

Aged forty eight, this indigenous of Douai, in the north, arrives freshly from Sartène, in Corsica, her host island for two many years .

Attaché of the Countrywide Law enforcement in Corsica

Just before settling in the Norman town, the Nordist did not idle. On the opposite.

Véronique Caron retains a learn&#39s diploma in biology and a bachelor&#39s diploma in general public administration from the School of Lille. She is also a graduate of the regional institute of Bastia and the ENA. An atypical, probably, but effective. &#39 examined and advanced in different and exciting fields” she just summarizes.

Véronique Caron began his qualified job as an attaché of the Countrywide Law enforcement, in Corsica (from 1998 to 2003), right before becoming advisor of administration of the interior and abroad.

“I &#39 liked my experience in parliamentary cupboard. This &#39 allowed to be close to the population “ .
[19459109] Last but not least, this passionate of swimming and mountaineering is named sub-prefect of Barcelonnette, mountainous commune of fewer than three 000 inhabitants found in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, in February 2013.

Crash of Flight 9525 of Germanwings

There, Véronique Caron has to deal with the horrible crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, a modest German airline, which killed the one hundred fifty folks on board the Airbus A320. “Fifteen trying and distressing days” she describes, sober and modest

At the coronary heart of the catastrophe, the sub-prefect invests in get to receive households of victims, consulates and other political leaders. Véronique Caron is also included in the right carry out of investigation and identification.

not specially geared up for this form of crisis condition like the Alps de-Haute-Provence, &#39 believes that we have acted perfectly. “

Gold medalist of interior security for his impeccable management, the previous sub-prefect Corsica is also congratulated by the German authorities. Invited to show up at the football match in between France and Germany on Friday, November thirteen, 2015, Véronique Caron the moment all over again witnessed the atrocity of the human race, in the course of one of the worst evenings in background contemporary French.

Shoot the Orne upwards

The forty-12 months-outdated was then based in Sartène for some two many years right before getting his position in his double chair of secretary-normal of the prefecture of Orne and sous-prefect of the arrondissement of Alençon, from where she has presently targeted its priorities.

“The department of &#39 Orne benefit of &#39 be set to the honor and pulled upwards .

Then to declare itself at the disposal and the provider of the different actors of the territory. And to add, “ne m &#39 visualize not locked in my place of work. J &#39 likes to be in contact with the inhabitants “.

Therefore, the Orne has acquired aid, considering the fact that Wednesday, September thirteen, from a sub-prefect with the ambition to boost the Norman lands. An attractive guarantee that Véronique Caron concludes with enthusiasm and self confidence, borrowing the phrases of Winston Churchill: “I do not seek to be important but helpful in the &#39 collective desire” .

Sébastien Baudouin

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